Advancing Educators

Why We Do It


"Our mission is to help educators make substantial and sustained improvements to their practice in order to become increasingly satisfied and effective facilitators of student learning.


We envision educators who are knowledgeable, skilled, creative and confident and who actively draw from and contribute to the professional knowledge base on teaching.


  • Service: We put our clients’ needs before our own, meeting and exceeding their expectations. We demonstrate a service-stance by balancing our expertise with a willingness to listen, learn and think flexibly.
  • Tough Love: One advantage of our "outsider" status is that we can play the role of honest, critical friend to schools. There is always exciting progress being made in schools and we work hard to see and name it. We also owe it to our clients to speak the truth as we see it about any institutional obstacles to greater achievement.
  • Integrity: We conduct all our business with the highest standard of integrity. This means we are trustworthy in all our dealings with clients and that what clients disclose to us during our work with them remains confidential.
  • Professionalism: We strive to demonstrate professionalism in everything: the tone and frequency of our communication with clients; our level of preparation for course offerings; the high-quality of the materials we create for participants in our courses; our gratitude for critical feedback that we are able to act on to improve what we do or how we do it.
  • Respect: We respect educators for their intelligence, capability and commitment to work that is demanding and complex. We respect the fact that each culture and context in which we work is unique.
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