Advancing Educators

How We Do It

In AE Trainings, the Modus Operandi is...


INSPIRE: Most of us entered the profession because we were inspired —by a great teacher, by our subject, by the responsibility to lead and empower our students. In AE trainings we employ multi-media, visuals, provocations and authentic learning experiences to rekindle that inspiration.
INFORM: Like every other profession, the knowledge base within education is vast, complex and continually growing. At AE we see it as our responsibility to help teachers stay informed of research about teaching and learning and other relevant fields so that they are conversant in the wider discourse about effective teaching and learning.
INVOLVE: As the Chinese proverb states: “I see and I forget, I hear and I understand, I do and I remember.  For long-term transfer to practice to occur, teachers must be actively involved in the meaning-making and have opportunities to apply and receive feedback on what they have learned in a training. To that end our workshops are workshops in deed rather than just in name: teachers bring in real work, do real work and design real solutions to challenges they face in their classrooms.  Teachers leave with their practice transformed not simply informed by what has been presented.
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