NOTE: Names are not provided for the following teacher testimonials because the comments have been copied from routine workshop evaluation forms which teachers complete anonymously.  They are asked to supply their subject and/or grade level to inform data analysis so that information is listed.

"I teach students with special needs who require highly individualized strategies.  I found Elizabeth's workshops to be immediately relevant to this setting." --Preschool Teacher

"Elizabeth practices what she preaches.  She runs her workshops using the same strategies she is encouraging us to use.  The combination of the content and Elizabeth's clear modeling of what the content would look like with our students has been invaluable to my learning.". --3rd grade teacher

"Elizabeth's classes are organized and engaging. The sessions were 6 hours long and she managed to maintain such good momentum that I was always amazed when the day was over already.  The time flew.  I found her to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable without being intimidating." --Middle School Math Teacher

"As a teacher myself, I am of course that much more critical of a presenter's skills.  I was especially impressed with Elizabeth's provisioning for workshops, clarity of instruction and ability to make connections between our questions and comments and the research knowledge base on teaching."  --High school Social Studies Teacher

"I enjoyed the continual balance between hearing new instructional strategies and then being given opportunities immediately to process and apply them with colleagues who teach my subject."  --Highschool English Language Arts Teacher

"I did not volunteer to take this course.  I was required to by my principal.  Honestly, I started angry and under duress.  I am leaving happy and confident.  Who knew that I would end up feeling lucky to have been here!  This learning experience has restored my faith in teaching and given me practical ideas for how to move forward." --Highschool Technology Teacher

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